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We had a shy, borderline fear aggressive german shepherd puppy that was very difficult to socialize. A few months ago we never would have been able to bring our puppy around other dogs without a big aggressive (embarrassing) display, or, her cowering in a corner with her tail between her legs. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found Tracy through our veterinarian.

Tracy is extremely knowledgeable, and went above and beyond what we expected in a trainer. You could see that she genuinely cared about our puppy's well being and made every effort to help us in socializing her, and teaching us what proper socialization looked like. Through her puppy classes, adult dog classes, and in-home trainings, we have seen a significant change in our now 8 month old GSD. Just this morning we walked into a room with three unfamiliar dogs and not a peep, no hair standing up on her back... she was alert, but relaxed and confident. Amazing.

Tracy is fantastic... We highly recommend her!"


— Laura, Ipswich MA


"We were lucky enough to find Tracy’s card and she has been a huge help. Shep has made such a turn around in the past 4 months! It has been a lot of training on how to communicate with her and made me realize how much of an influence we have as owners. I feel like we have learned to speak the same language and are able to effectively communicate! We bring her to the dog park off-leash and have her run and play with the other dogs. People always comment on how well behaved she is and I am always giving them Tracy’s contact information. We have had both private and group sessions. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their puppy (or dogs) behavior. Working with her not only shows you how knowledgable she is but how much she cares about the animals. We have had great results!"

— Megan G, Amesbury MA


Tracy has this insane abality to take all the fear away from being a dog-mom. Her puppy class taught ME how to understand Mason and help him develop good habits. Her methods of positive reinforcement were the cornerstone to him growing into a well behaved, happy bundle of energy.​"

—Christina, Hamilton MA

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