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"Through simple changes and positive reinforcement, dogs will exceed their owner's expectations."

- Tracy Ingoldsby


Tracy Ingoldsby, Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Veterinary Technician

Tracy Ingoldsby is a professional dog trainer and certified veterinary technician with over 20 years of experience in the veterinary field. Having worked with thousands of dogs over the years, Tracy developed a deeper understanding of animal behavior and the challenges owners face in handling their pets' behavior issues.


Many of Tracy's philosophies stem from her background in horse training, which requires a firm but fair demeanor, a gentle hand, and patience. Tracy found inspiration in helping her clients find the right training technique for their dog to drive results, and she thrives on the unique challenges each dog presents.

Tracy grew up in Danvers, MA and has been a native of the North Shore for most of her life. She recently moved to Ipswich, MA with her family, including Khan the German Shepherd, Devon the cat, and her horse, Monty.



Tracy & Mitch
Tracy, Bria & Sammie
Tracy & Kahn
Sammie & Kahn
Sammie & Kahn
Mitchell aka "Mitch"
Tracy & Mitch
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